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Saturday, September 10, 2011

SQL Saturday #94, Salt Lake City

"We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty." - Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly Pilot

I've only recently discovered PASS - the Professional Association for SQL Server.

This past week I attended 24 Hours of PASS, 24 x 1 hour free training sessions offered via Microsoft Live Meeting.  They were split over 2 days, 12 hours each.  Managed to attend a little over half of them and picked up some interesting tips.

Through following the #sqlpass hash tag on Twitter I also managed to find out about SQL Saturday #94 today in the southern suburbs of Salt Lake City.

So I thought to myself: "Self, it's free training, it's local, why not go?" - so I did.

Huge thanks need to go out to all the speakers but especially to:

Mitchell Bottel (blog | twitter) - Easily manage your servers with CMS and PMB

Christopher Shaw (blog | twitter) - Utility Database

Tjay Belt (blog | twitter) - Data File Sizes - How much is enough when you don't have a lot

Chad Crawford - Table Fission - An Introduction to Partition|ing

Martin Miller (blog | twitter) - Index Management

All were extremely useful sessions.

I guess I should also throw a shout out to Idera Software - since I managed to win the drawing for a free copy of their SQL Admin Toolset.

Pretty cool day overall.

Looking forward to the PASS Summit in Seattle in October!